Looking for a great way to entertain your guests?

Whether your bar is looking to get more business on those slow nights or you want to spice up a corporate event to help your co-workers break the ice, JoJo's trivia parties are a great way to entertain and start conversations.

We host trivia parties for restaurants, bars, colleges, country clubs, hotels and so much more. JoJo Trivia offers a variety of ways to serve your needs hosting parties as short as 1 hour to well past 2 hours...and best of all, we bring the party to you so you can hold your event in the atmosphere of your choosing.

Our basic pricing schedule varies on the amount of the time needed, travel and how many people are expected to attend. Do not hesitate to contact us for a free estimate. JoJo Trivia Enterprises will properly quote you and get your event booked in a flash.

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