Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where do you get the questions?
A. Daily life observation, world almanac, CIA Fact Book, other books.

Q. Why do you use the Dolphin as your logo?
A. Allegedly Dolphins are the 2nd smartest creature on earth.
Did you know Dolphins have sex for pleasure?

Q. What are the prizes?
A. Each individual bar sets the standard for prizes after the game.
Usually prizes include a drink, baseball cap or tee shirt.

Q. How did you get into doing trivia?
A. I was always fascinated by the way people remember songs, movies, advertisements, etc. and for fun I used to entertain friends with questions.

Q. What do you charge for a special event or private party?
A. All special events and parties are based on time needed by thoseĀ involved and quantity of people to entertain.

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